Influencer Marketing Services

Instagram Influencer Marketing

Instagram users with a large following who have an established credibility and audience to persuade others.

Instagram is a gold mine that is underutilized for cheap, high quality traffic to build revenue.

It is the fasting growing platform with over 700 million users.

What We Do

  • Implement our Instagram Influencer Ad systems, strategies, & ideas that have generated thousands of dollars per month for multiple clients.
  • We use paid ads on Instagram Influencer Accounts to build your list, generate income, and more.
  • We handle the ad creative, caption & hashtag optimization, link management & optimization, peak performance scheduling, and split testing for the ads
  • You will have access to tracking analytics throughout the month to get visibility into how each campaign is doing
  • We will scale the ads, aiming to generate more revenue each month with campaigns.
  • At the end of every month, we’ll send you a report outlining each campaign’s analytics and metrics, and documenting the ad spend

How To Get Started Now

Complete the Influencer Marketing Service Application

  • When you sign up for our Influencer Marketing Service we will schedule an on-boarding call to get the information from you regarding your product or service, including any associated descriptions, images, customer testimonials, and videos.
  • We start creating your Influencer Ads as soon as we receive payment from you for our Influencer Marketing Services and for your ad spend.
  • Typically, this is how payments are organized:

NOTE: To avoid confusion we prefer these as separate payments.

  • On the first of the month, in advance of services being rendered, payment will be $3,000 per month.
  • Payments for ad spend, in advance of placing ads, are typically $1,000 minimum, but may be made up to $5,000.

Payment Methods

  • You can make payments for both Influencer Marketing Services and to fund you ad spend through one of the following methods:
    • Bank Wire Transfer
    • Bank Automated Clearing House (ACH) Transfer
    • PayPal
    • Stripe
  • When you subscribe to our services we will jointly determine the specific payment method, and provide necessary account information to establish payments.
  • We recommend the payments for our Interment Marketing Services be set up automated recurring billing to avoid unnecessary interruptions of services.
  • Payments for Ad Spend are based on use of the funds you have pre-paid.
  • We notify you when you are approaching zero dollars available for ad spend to make additional payments to continue buying ads.

Please note that payments and terms described above are typical, and actual payments and terms are specific to each client.

Currently our services are only available in the United States.

Jack Kutzer
Certified Instagram Ads Manager
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