Hi Everyone! Welcome back to my channel. Previously I discussed on how much you earn by mining BTCs on you mobile phone and android devices.
If you haven’t watched them, check this playlist:

Today I’m going to show you how much you can possibly earn on cryptotab using your personal computer.

My desktop PC has a ryzen 5 2600 6 core 3.4 GHZ processor. Since cryptotab uses your computer’s processor to mine coins, my Ryzen 5 series 2 will have lower hash rates compared to new processors in the market today. Take note of this as baseline to compare with your own rig. Different specs will have different mining rates. My rig will always be different than yours unless we have the same processor.

In my test, I run 1 hr, 3hrs 4hrs 6hrs 8hrs and 11hrs to complete a 48 hour cycle. I found out that the satoshi earned is not always the same per run. These are some factors might have caused it:
1. Fluctuating dollar to BTC conversion rate
2. Inconsistent processing power
3. And processor idle time
4. Other background processes

During my test I didn’t have any other apps running. Cryptotab was running at 80% of load and I’m getting 4000-5000 hash per seconds. Although I see consistent 4-5K when I start mining I still get different results. Here are my results.

I’ve done a total of 48 hours and I got 449 satoshis. If we assume that we get the same hash rate for 1 month then we will get a total of 6,735 satoshis or around $4 dollars. Again this depends on the BTC to USD conversion.

Now that you found out how much you can earn on your PC, are you still thinking of mining BTC on Cryptotab? Let me know in the comments down below.

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