How To Mine Faster in CryptoTab

Are you beginner in bitcoin?
You must download a wallet first, there are many options like payeer, coinbase, that are downloadable on playstore. I use payeer.

New tutorial –

PC Platform:
You need to download cryptotab browser on your computer or laptop.
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Afterwards, you need to signin using your google account. Then you can now mine. The speed of mining depends on the specs of your system. For my laptop, the speed when charger is plugged range from 900-1000.

Android Platform:
You need to download cryptotab browser on android.
This is the link:
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Also you can download cryptotab PRO for free using this link below.
Alternative link:

In crypto tab pro you can mine with less battery consumption means you can mine in longer time.
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You can download Parallel space here:
Parallel space app:
Parallel space app 64-bit:

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